Basic NCERT Classes

Basic NCERT Classes

This course is designed for beginners which will cover Important Topics from Class 6th to 12th NCERTs which are relevant and important for UPSC Examination.

NCERTs are the stepping stone to UPSC CSE preparation. They help in creating a fundamental base for the exam preparation.  This course is strategic and is designed to help save time from NCERT books, as UPSC has a keen eye for picking questions directly from NCERT textbooks.`

In this program, you get a unique opportunity to learn NCERT in alignment with UPSC Syllabus by UPSC Mentors. NCERT Books are the foundation for the entire UPSC preparation. Reading and understanding NCERT for UPSC holds the utmost important role in the entire UPSC journey.

Who Should Take This Course?

Aspirants who are freshers need a direction for what to read and revise right from the very beginning of their preparation.

All those aspirants who plan to prepare for UPSC or State Services. Also, those students, who want to gain a focused & precise preparation strategy and optimum coverage of syllabus for Prelims, in the most simplified manner in a short period of time.

Benefits of NCERT for UPSC

  • It helps in building a base for the UPSC preparation.

  • Initiating your UPSC journey with NCERTs will boost your confidence in learning.

  • It creates a habit of reading and learning. As UPSC is a long journey, this habit you need to inculcate as soon as possible, so kick start with it.

  • NCERTs are meticulously drafted by eminent authors, so the information is provided in the books after extensive research which you can rely on for proving your opinion in the Mains and Interview.

  • NCERT books help to clear not only Prelims, but it is also crucial from the Mains perspective. Easy to understand, precise, syllabus oriented, and allows a level playing field for all.

Approach During Classroom

  • Fundamentals will be strongly focused.

  • Focus on dimensions & perceptive building.

  • Conceptual interlinking of topics.

  • The language medium of the class will be bilingual (English and/or Kannada).

  • 100% exam oriented.

Key Highlights

  • Running notes will be given during the class by the respective faculty.
  • NCERT based Prelims Mock Test will be conducted.

  • Subjective Answer Writing Test will be conducted and intense evaluation will be done.

  • Group doubt clearing and mentoring session.