GS Foundation

GS Foundation

GS Foundation

Basic foundation course is designed mainly for the fresh aspirants to lay the basic foundation and understand the demand of Civil Service examinations. This course helps in preparing the aspirants holistically through various offline classes, daily current affairs, weekly tests, study materials, monthly tests, monthly current affairs, etc.

Integrated Classroom Program – Comprehensive classroom program for Prelims and Mains.

  • Foundation to Advanced learning – Interactive teaching and learning sessions from NCERT syllabus for basic foundation learning and Reference books for advanced learning.

  • More emphasis on daily current affairs and monthly current affairs.

  • Daily newspaper analysis – newspapers are a vital study material for current affairs which is a crucial component of Civil Service examinations.

  • Study materials, hand written notes, classroom notes for easy understanding of the concepts and the subjects.

  • Brainstorming sessions through mind maps – for static syllabus and Current Affairs.

  • Interactive map making sessions, covering every individual state in India from all perspectives, world mapping, etc.

  • Weekly tests after every chapter completion.

  • Monthly tests and full-length test series.

  • Answer writing techniques with a detailed explanation of the keywords.

One to one Individual Attention – The training is conducted in small batches which enables the trainer to provide personal attention to every candidate and monitor their preparation.

  • Record of every candidate is maintained separately to provide personal assistance for their preparations.

  • Individual attention of every student is taken based on their educational profile and personal skills.

  • Necessary guidance for every candidate based on their performance and interests.

Remedial and Revision Classes – Helps to identify the gaps and assess the areas of improvement. This is a critical aspect to understand the need of remedial class and provide the necessary support to the candidates.

  • Rigorous training and revision to the candidates.

  • Need based remedial classes to the candidates.

  • It provides more personalized sessions than the regular sessions.

  • Tests after every remedial or revision class to understand and assess if the candidate has understood the concept.

Essay writing Program – Enrich essay writing skills and develop command on the art of presentation.

  • Discussion on how to approach an essay.

  • Brainstorming on how to organize their thoughts and structure the essay.

  • Choice of topic, interpretation of essay topic, brainstorming to get fodder information.

  • Special sessions on content, structure and presentation of the topic.

  • Essays on philosophical and general topics.

  • Sessions on how to utilize the General Studies knowledge base in essay writing.

  • Essay writing practice tests on a regular basis.

  • One month before the actual examination, essay test series will be conducted on a daily basis.

  • Personal mentorship and feedback after one on one interaction with the candidate.

Personality Guidance program – The objective of the program is to work on the personality issue and the knowledge aspect of the candidate. Besides the knowledge aspects in relation to candidates’ profile, the trainers will focus on refining candidates’ approach, attitude and aptitude to excel in the personality test.

  • SWOT Analysis of every candidate.

  • Detailed Application Form (DAF) analysis and preparation of the possible questions on the DAF.

  • Training the candidates on the respective DAF.

  • One-on-one sessions with the candidates for a detailed discussion on personality tests.

  • Video-recorded mock interviews for the candidates to introspect and improve.

The program focuses mainly on presentation, communication, body language, emotional stability, sensibility and answering mechanisms. The trainers, besides checking and updating candidates on their knowledge of day to day affairs of national and international importance, they will specifically check for qualities such as – balance of judgment, clear and logical expression, knowledge assimilation, intellectual and moral integrity, mental alertness and ability for social cohesion and leadership.