At RV Training Academy, we help you to acquire the intellectual abilities and skills needed to succeed in this ultimate test of character and aptitude. Learn from experienced faculties, subject experts and develop the expertise required to sustain and thrive in the Civil Service Examinations.

About RSST

83 years of world-class education with a global outlook

For the past 83 years, RV Educational Institutions have been committed to imparting quality education to one and all.

Our journey started under the exceptional leadership of our founder, Sri M. C. Sivananda Sarma. A freedom fighter, educator, and administrator, Sri Sarma was inspired by Gandhian principles to lay the foundations of our group and help fellow Indians realize their true potential.

Today, our institutions — from kindergarten to centers for higher studies — enable people from all sections of society to access affordable and world-class education.


Nurturing today’s Young Minds, Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders


  1. Empowering the youth to become a worthy citizen of our nation.

  2. Inspiring the students to bring out the best from each and every one.

  3. Igniting the spark so as to shine and lead.


Director - RVTA

Our Director

Dr. T. V. Raju, is an academician with 46 years of teaching experience in the areas related to Business Management, Finance and Testing Skills. He is currently the Director –  Planning, Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust -R V Educational Institutions. He served as the Director of R V Institute of Management, Bangalore. He is a recognized research guide for students pursuing Post-Graduate, Pre-doctoral and Doctoral Programme in Commerce and Management of various universities. He has successfully guided 25 Ph.D Scholars. He has been conferred with the titles “SIKSHANA RATNA”, “GURUKULA TILAKA”, “JYOTHIRVIDHYA POSHAKA”, “HIRIYA SAHAKARI”, “EMINENT EDUCATIONIST” and “KEMPEGOWDA AWARD”. And several other awards.

Our Team

Sandeep Mahajan

Seasoned Civil Services aspirant with 10 years of solid Subject matter expertise.

Subjects – Geography and International Relations

Mr. Sateesh

8 years of Exp

Subject expert in Polity, governance , Law and public administration

BCOM LLB LLM (PhD In Constitutional Law) B.Com, LLB, LLM

Kirti Kulkarni

  • Seasoned Civil Services aspirant with 6 years of solid Subject matter expertise.

  • Believes in reinforced and stimulating Teaching style, with clear focus on concepts, theory and principles.

  • Passionate teacher, well-prepared and organized with brilliant communication.

  • Vigorously committed to inspiring and coaching students to succeed!

Suma N

Suma N, an aspirant turned faculty and mentor is associated with RVTA right from the inception. Possesses experience of 3 UPSC Prelims and  1 KPSC Prelims + Mains + Interview.
She has ingrained the strategy and values that RVTA imparts, enabling students to gain a competitive edge, conceptual understanding and ensure the best performance. Her approachability, sensitivity towards students, personalised mentorship is what sets her apart. Expertise subjects are Current Affairs, Science and Technology, Ancient India and Art & Culture