Civil service examinations are completely different from the academic examinations. Hence the preparation will also vary from that of the other academic examinations. The candidate has to introspect and make a thorough plan to crack the civil service examinations. A candidate will not have much time at his/her disposal to prepare for the civil service examinations. It will be extremely unrealistic to think that one can prepare for this examination within a short span of time. The preparations should be planned at-least a year in advance to crack the examination. Since very few candidates plan their preparation in advance, the Academy emphasizes on the nature and the level of the preparations to be made by providing the necessary guidance.

A series of tests will be conducted in the academy and it is compulsory for the candidates to attempt them. A review of these tests will be done by the experts. The answer papers will be reviewed by the experts and the necessary guidance will be provided to the candidates. This will help the candidates to understand the expectations and improve. If a candidate finds it difficult to understand the subject or answer the questions, then remedial coaching and revision classes will be conducted. The approach is to develop a higher degree of conceptual clarity and make it easy for the candidates to learn new concepts.

Micro Schedule

We have come up with detailed micro schedule foundation course with details of subjects, topics and sub topics covered in every chapter of the NCERT and GS Foundation Course.

UPSC syllabus is prepared comprehensively by our faculty based on the importance of subjects and topics in the examination.

Best Faculty

RVTA is privileged to have the Best Faculty from the industry.

Privileged to have one of the best and experienced faculties. Learning from these experts brings in more conceptual clarity and simplifies the preparation for UPSC CSE.